Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Operator Capabilities / Limitations / Behaviors

  • Automobile operator normal behaviors and ranges of behaviors
  • Commercial vehicle operator normal behaviors and ranges of behaviors
  • Effects of fatigue. sleepiness, drugs/alcohol, and other factors on vehicle operation
  • Obstacle detection and reaction/response time

Instructions & Warnings

  • Hazard evaluation and risk assessment
  • Risk reduction
  • Effects of readability, understandability, presentation, and experience on effectiveness
  • Whether warnings are needed/appropriate
  • Presentation and content of instructions, warnings, and manuals
  • Effectiveness of warnings/instructions in reducing accidents

Ergonomic Design

  • Design of equipment to accommodate the range of potential users, rather than the average user
  • Anthropometry
  • User behavior and product safety
  • Product misuse vs foreseeable error
  • Mistakes vs errors vs violations

Vision & Visibility

  • Visibility vs conspicuity vs detection likelihood
  • Hazard detection and avoidance

Slips, Trips & Falls

  • Applicable standards and practices
  • Slip resistance and its effect on fall likelihood
  • Effect of age, medications, and infirmities on normal gait mechanics and falls
  • Detection of hazards

Industrial Safety

  • OSHA Compliance
  • Workplace norms and behaviors

Construction & General Safety

  • OSHA Compliance
  • Workplace norms and behaviors

We Provide A Clear & Concise Analysis

We present our analyses in a clear, readily understandable form to clients, attorneys, and juries. Our goal is to have decisions regarding the projects and cases we are involved in made based on a thorough understanding of the scientific and technical issues involved, not on appeals to emotion or theory.

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